Centrify Raises Alarm on Unmanaged Wearables in the Workplace

Centrify Raises Alarm on Unmanaged Wearables in the WorkplaceCentrify is raising the alarm over ‘unmanaged wearables infiltrating the workplace’ at this year’s RSA Conference.

In a survey conducted at the event, the company found that 69 percent of respondents who use wearables reported not using login credentials for their wearable devices; and given that 56 percent of these respondents reported using wearables to access business apps, that presents a worrying situation with respect to security vulnerabilities.

Commenting in a statement, Centrify Chief Product Officer Bill Mann asserted that “[w]earables are deceptively private,” offering users the illusion that “due to their ongoing proximity to the body, they’re less likely to fall into the wrong hands.” But, of course, hackers don’t necessarily need physical access to these devices; hypothetically, they only need the user’s credentials.

That, of course, is where solutions like the Centrify Identity Platform come in. It’s designed to offer multi-factor authentication through a wide range of enterprise apps, operating systems, and devices, helping to protect against the kind of breaches that unsecured wearables could enable. And as more organizations see the advantages in adopting BYOD culture, such solutions could become increasingly important.