CES 2014: AGNITiO Proves It Is FIDO Ready With Voice iD Demo

AGNITiOIt has been almost a year since the official formation of the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance in February 2013, and after months upon months of rapid growth, standard bearing and downright crusading to put passwords in the past, we find ourselves at CES 2014 with a glimpse at what it was all leading to.

The FIDO Alliance’s primary goal is to put passwords in the ground for good, offering open specifications for universal strong authentication. Now with over 70 members (including big names like MasterCard, Google and Microsoft on its board of directors). Near the end of last year, during a webinar co-presented by Alliance president Michael Barrett, attendees learned that January 2014 was when we could expect to see the first end-to-end solutions that comply with the current draft of the FIDO protocol. Nearing the end of December it was confirmed: CES 2014 would play host to the first demonstrations of FIDO Ready products.

AGNITiO, a voice biometrics company whose engine powers a large number of solutions including Oberthur’s SESAMES Award winning My Voice is My Password, has collaborated with fellow FIDO member Nok Nok Labs in order to present the first Voice iD implementation that adheres to the potentially disruptive standard. The FIDO Ready Voice iD solution is a versatile voiceprint solution that can replace password-based authentication methods for account management and eCommerce with the good old fashioned spoken word.

Emilio Martinez, CEO of AGNITiO expands: “With FIDO Ready  Voice iD, the entire mobile ecosystem benefits – consumers simply authenticate by speaking, developers add personalization to their apps, commercial entities can provide expedient customer service and minimize security risks, all while saving time and money.”

The demonstration in Las Vegas stands to illustrate the versatility of Voice iD when combined with Nok Nok Labs’ Multifactor Authentication Client. Specifically, the showcase will present how the solution can be integrated into a mobile application to allow voiceprint-based strong authentication to occur. The idea here, as with  all things FIDO, is easier to use authentication that provides stronger levels of security with a wide variety of applications.

“AGNITiO Voice iD demonstrates a compelling user experience that epitomizes the FIDO Alliance goals of simplicity and security,” elaborates Phillip Dunkelberger, president and CEO of Nok Nok Labs. “Importantly, AGNITiO’s and Nok Nok’s solution can be adopted for use today on the large existing install base of mobile devices, as well as for future devices.”

CES has only just begun, and a number of FIDO Ready products are slated for similar demonstrations. With strong mobile authentication on the minds of industry experts as we move into 2014, and with a number of innovative new strong-authentication and biometric solutions already revealed after just day-one of this conference, it looks like the members of the FIDO Alliance are well on their way to realizing their New Year’s resolution of doing away with passwords once and for all.