CES 2015: More is More with New “Super Smartphone”

American smartphone developer Saygus has launched a new “super smartphone” at this year’s Consumer Electronics Shows (CES). Called the Saygus V², the new smartphone is boasted to have a “a stunning array of industry-first, high-end features and components.
Indeed, the company seems to have employed a more-is-more approach with the new device. Among its many salient features: high-definition wireless gaming, 320 GB of storage, optical image stabilization in its front and rear cameras, waterproof durability, and “movie beaming technology”. The device also features a small biometric fingerprint scanner on its side.
This last bit is, of course, nothing new. There’s been a flood of fingerprint-scanning smartphones lately – largely following the pioneering lead of Apple with its TouchID system, and gearing up for the rise of mobile commerce – and some companies are starting to look for ways to distinguish themselves in such a saturated market. Nothing succeeds like excess though, and the Saygus V²‘s numerous features could be enough to make it stand out.