CES on the Hill to Look at Fitness Bands, Ears

vital biometrics and wearable techCES on the Hill returned today. Produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), CES on the Hill is an event at the US capital that seeks to connect technology leaders with the nation’s politicians, administrators, and media.

Organizers say that this year’s event is placing a primary focus on 4K Ultra HD, 3D printing, drones, accessibility, smart car and smart home technoloy, virtual reality, and health and fitness tracking. With respect to that last category in particular, Microsoft will be in attendance to showcase its Microsoft Band, an electronic wristband equipped with biometric sensors that can detect the user’s steps, heart rate, and other measures. There’s already a number of such devices on the market, but given that the potential success of the forthcoming Apple Watch could even further popularize this kind of biometric technology, it’s certainly important for members of government to familiarize themselves with it.

Also attending the event is Descartes Biometrics, a company pioneering a rather unique biometric modality: Ear-shape recognition. A unique biometric modality, Descartes’ HELIX ear-shape recognition solution is cross-platform and boasts compatibility with most camera-equipped devices. It is being marketed for a wide range of applications, and the company says it can even recognize the ears of individuals from a crowd via a CCTV system.