Chase Bank Expands Mobile Biometric Support

Chase Bank has enhanced its mobile app’s support for fingerprint recognition with new functionality, Android Headlines reports. While fingerprint-based login was already enabled for the app back in April, it now also allows users to authorize payments and transfers via fingerprint scan.Chase Bank Expands Mobile Biometric Support

The move comes just after Chase announced its support for Android Pay, Google’s mobile payment platform, and further signals the bank’s strengthening focus on mobile banking and payments. This reflects an industry-wide trend, of course, with numerous other banks seeking to quickly adjust as payments go increasingly digital and mobile.

The enhanced fingerprint support tracks with such trends too, as more banks embrace biometrics for a range of functions. It’s part of the reason companies like Daon have been invited to show off their biometric authentication solutions at events like last week’s FinovateFall 2016.

While fingerprint recognition is currently the dominant modality in mobile biometric authentication for financial services, others such as iris scanning are also getting increased attention as the latter technology finds its way into major consumer devices like Samsung’s new Galaxy Note7. These changes have been so rapid that Chase’s embrace of fingerprint scanning may still seem to many a cutting-edge move, when in fact it is very much on trend.

Source: Android Headlines