Chick-fil-A’s Apple Pay Support Finally Arrives

Chick-fil-A will finally go live with its Apple Pay support tomorrow.

Chick-fil-A's Apple Pay Support Finally ArrivesThe move comes months after the restaurant chain first announced it would support Apple Pay. Chick-fil-A hasn’t offered any explanation for the delay, but as AppleInsider notes, the support arrives after rival chicken-focused fast food chain KFC enabled Apple Pay support in June.

Chick-fil-A appears to be preparing a national rollout of the mPayment support in the US, and has confirmed that customers will be able to pay with their iPhones both in the store and at the drive-thru.

The support arrives as Apple further extends its list of backers among financial institutions, with 37 banks and credit unions added. Apple now has extensive support among financial institutions, but has been criticized for its lack of merchant support. Some retailers, such as Walmart, are almost openly hostile toward the platform, though most that haven’t yet offered their support seem to be waiting to be convinced that it’s worth the trouble. They may yet be, as Apple Pay and other mPayment platforms continue to rise in popularity and availability around the world.

Source: AppleInsider