Cisco to Bring Machine-Learning AI Tech to Business Meetings

Cisco has joined in on the artificial intelligence boom with a new AI assistant designed specifically for meetings.

Cisco to Bring Machine-Learning AI Tech to Business MeetingsCalled the Cisco Spark Assistant, it’s a voice-based AI system that operates via Cisco’s Spark Room Series device platform. The company says it will launch the AI assistant in phases, with rudimentary capabilities at its outset and more sophisticated powers to come thanks to machine learning.

Early next year, a group of select customers will be able to use the platform to do things like officially start and end meetings, and call meeting rooms and individual personnel. Like consumer-facing AI platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, the system is activated via a specific command prompt – “Hey, Spark.” From there, further commands can be issued.

The solution arrives at a time of growing excitement over AI, and particularly voice-based AI interfaces, with major tech companies deepening their investments in R&D and highlighting the sophistication of their AI in new products. The boom has evidently started to extend beyond the consumer tech sector, finding its way into corporate call centers and, with Cisco Spark Assistant, meeting rooms.

Cisco’s AI system will arrive first on its new Cisco Spark Room 70 video system for meetings, and the company says it will then be expanded to the entire Cisco Spark portfolio.