Citizens Bank Adopts Touch ID Authentication For App

iPhone 6 Production Problems May Cause Launch DelayAnother bank has signed on for Touch ID authentication for its mobile app. Citizens Bank, of Rhode Island, announced that the biometric authentication system has been implemented as part of its Bank Better program, an effort “to make banking simple, clear and personal.”

Touch ID is pretty good means of reaching such objectives, given the simplicity of the fingerprint-scanning system on all new mobile Apple devices. The Citizens Mobile Banking app enables customers to check balances and to deposit cheques, and as such, it requires a certain level of security in authenticating users. Touch ID enables that in a straightforward, convenient way. In a statement, Citizens Bank Vice Chairman of Consumer Banking explains that “the addition of Touch ID represents our continued commitment to delivering the services that our customers tell us will help them to bank better,” assisting Citizens Bank in its commitment to “making banking convenient for our customers and delivering a great customer experience.”

Citizens Bank joins a number of other financial institutions that have implemented similar authentication systems, with similar systems recently announced for Malayan Banking Bhd and the many institutions using Unwired Nation’s app platform. As fingerprint scanning systems become standard on smartphones, many more banks and other institutions are expected to continue to leverage them for user authentication, and some are already going further in adopting even more secure multimodal authentication systems.