Another Partnership Brings PayPal Deeper Into mPayments

PayPal is wading deeper into mobile payments with a new partnership with Citi.

Another Partnership Brings PayPal Deeper Into mPaymentsThe agreement will enable Citi cardholders to pay with their cards via PayPal at the point of sale wherever Mastercard and Visa contactless payments are accepted. In other words, Citi customers can now use PayPal for the same kinds of mPayments enabled by the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay — another sign of increasing competition on this front, while Apple continues to push its payment service into the PayPal-dominated e-commerce market with its web services.

The Citi partnership will also see Citi cards displayed more prominently in the PayPal Wallet, and cooperation between Citi and PayPal in 2017 with new pilot projects designed to increase customers’ digital spending.

Another concurrently-announced deal with FinTech specialist FIS will integrate that company’s client bank cards into PayPal accounts, too. In a statement announcing the two partnerships, PayPal Chief Commercial Officer Gary Marino said that “[p]artnership has become a core part of PayPal’s strategy,” and pointed to the company’s recent dealings with Facebook, Visa, and Mastercard, all of which have contributed to making PayPal a more prominent payment option on mobile and the web.