ClickSoftware Pushes for Enterprise Adoption of Wearable Tech

Wearable tech isn’t just great for optimizing workouts, keeping an eye on your social media presence or looking to the rest of the world like you’re from the very near future. Smartwatches and other mobile devices that you can accessorize with have applications in the workplace, and that’s the reason behind ClickSoftware’s recent announcement that it has joined the Salesforce Wear initiative.

Dedicated to accelerating the adoption of wearable tech in enterprises, Saleforce Wear is the first ecosystem of its kind. In working with the ecosystem, Click Software is helping facilitate the wearable BYOD movement, allowing businesses to provide workers with job information, location and biometric data through the ShiftExpert app.

Integrated into the Salesforce1 platform, ShiftExpert can run on devices like the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. It allows employees, shift managers and planners to stay connected to the Big Data concerning workflow, scheduling, special coverage needs and budgetary concerns.

Daniel Debow, SVP emerging technologies for, comments, “Like mobile 10 years ago, wearables presents a huge opportunity for businesses to transform the way they work. ClickSoftware’s ShiftExpert app adds further value and functionality to Salesforce through shift planning capabilities, while the integration with wearable devices turns a visionary idea into reality for organizations of any size, enabling employees to connect with customers and each other faster and smarter.”

ShiftExpert can turn a smartwatch into a time and attendance device, allowing employees to punch in and update their timesheets. In deployments where employees work remotely, the app records distance traveled per shift and allows for a summary on the resulting timesheet.

“Our mission at ClickSoftware is to help organizations of all sizes to provide the best customer experience while balancing operational costs,” says Dr. Moshe BenBassat, founder and CEO of ClickSoftware. “By combining ShiftExpert with the power of wearables, organizations have the ability to drive a better customer experience and higher productivity through real-time, data driven connectivity.”

September is Mobile Biometrics Month at Mobile ID World and wearable tech plays a large role in our featured examination of the topic.