Silver-Bonded Clothing Could Electrify Wearables

A new smart clothing solution could offer some appeal to wearables developers. Developed by Noble Biomaterials and Bemis Associates, it’s a seamless and conductive material designed to transmit electronic signals.Silver-Bonded Clothing Could Electrify Wearables

The key to the solution is Noble Biomaterials’ Circuitex technology, which bonds pure silver – a highly conductive element – to the fabric’s surface. According to Noble Biomaterials, the technology allows for biometric readings such as ECG and EMG, and can also conduct electrical power for devices.

As Noble Biomaterials Chief Commercial Officer Joel Furey explains in a statement announcing the solution, the offering “will enable critical infrastructure components that will allow brands to deliver on the promise of truly connected apparel.”

While the wearable devices concept has gained some traction in the form of smartwatches and fitness-tracking devices, wired clothing hasn’t quite caught fire yet. Noble Biomaterials’ and Bemis Associates’ solution could help to change that, with the former showcasing the solution at this week’s ISPO sports business exhibition in Munich.