Cloud Authentication Month – The Primer

Authentication in the Cloud

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With all of the recent talk about on-device authentication thanks to the biometric smartphones and peripherals featuring fingerprint sensors currently taking aim at the mass markets, it’s important to remember that cloud technology is also playing a big role in mobile identity management.

The cloud is allowing for a great number of innovations in the world of mobile identity, particularly when it comes to enterprise deployments. All throughout October, Mobile ID World will be taking a closer look at identity management and the cloud. Welcome to Cloud Authentications Month.

Biometrics as a Service

One of the biggest innovations resulting from the intersection of biometrics and the cloud is a new model of deployment for companies looking to bring strong authentication into their operations: Biometrics as a Service (BaaS). Based on the Software as a Service model but applied to security, BaaS allows entities to choose the strong authentication system that best suits their needs, be they price, hygiene, amount of friction or cultural nuance.

The following articles will help further illustrate how the Biometrics as a Service model works to add the flexibility factor to identity management.

ImageWare’s GoMobile Interactive Scores First Place Emerging Technology Award

Trustonic Partners with SecureKey To Anchor Consumer ID in Trusted Devices

SecureKey and Oberthur Partner For Cloud-Based Identity Management

ImageWare Systems Partners With IBM, Pushes Cloud-Based Authentication

“Biometrics For Electronic Devices” – INSIDE Secure Partners With Intrinsic-ID To Bring High Security To The Cloud

Many Modes of Cloud Authentication

There are two major ways that the cloud can offer next generation identity solutions. As described above, it can offer biometric technology through a software service model, but the cloud can also take encrypted data from biometric hardware used by a consumer and apply an algorithm to authenticate it on a secure server. This latter use of cloud technology is thought to be a solution with plenty of potential in the realm of mobile banking. Either way, there is no single biometric modality best suited for the cloud and articles here reflect that diveristy.

MWC 2014: BIO-key and InterDigital to Demonstrate Multifactor Android Authentication

SpeechPro Provides VoiceKey To ImageWare Systems’ Authentication Engine

ImageWare and Fujitsu Launch Biometrics as a Service Solution

VoiceVault Introduces ViGo Mobile Voice Biometric Platform

ImageWare Scores Million Dollar Contract For Mexican Multi-Modal Biometrics

Invisible Authentication Factors For Use in mCommerce

Biometric Solutions From Cross Match Now Offered on G-Cloud

Smart Cards and Cloud Technology Bolster Patient ID in Maine

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cloud Authentication

There is no better way to learn about new technologies and services than through a conversation with an expert. The following interviews should help shine a light through the haziness and give you a good idea of what cloud technology aims for, who the target market is and why the technology is considered disruptive by many in the identity management industry.

Interview: Julia Webb, VP Marketing, Voice Vault

Interview With Jim Miller, CEO, ImageWare (1) (on the company, its products and target markets)

Interview with Jim Miller, CEO, ImageWare (2) (on on the growing mobile payments industry and moving past passwords)


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