Cloud2Drive Looms on Horizon

Cloud2Drive Looms on HorizonImageWare Systems‘s partnership with Extenua Inc. is progressing apace, the companies have announced. In a recent press release advising investors of their new enterprise cloud storage platform, the companies suggested that its release is fast approaching.

As we’ve reported previously, Cloud2Drive is a comprehensive, software-based platform with virtual drives for all major operating systems. It also employs ImageWare’s GoVerifyID biometric technology for multimodal user authentication. In its latest statement, ImageWare says it “makes advanced biometric authentication for cloud storage a reality.” The company is also keen to emphasize the platform’s low price – “at just dollars per-user per-month” – and the fact that it is entirely software-based, meaning the security risks of hardware access points are eliminated.

ImageWare’s excitement over the new platform suggests that it’s an important part of the company’s business strategy going forward. While it posted losses for the fourth quarter, the overall outlook for the company was optimistic, with revenues way up and losses declining. With Cloud2Drive, it seems to be aiming to solidify its upwards trajectory, and given the success it has enjoyed with previous GoVerifyID integrations, there’s good reason for optimism.