Cognitec Releases Facial Recognition SDK For Android

The demand for face recognition technology is growing, and Cognitec has responded by offering customers FaceVACS, its world class biometric software development kit (SDK), for the creation of Android applications.

In addition to development tools for enrollment, verification and identification, the FaceVACS-SDK also provides face and eye recognition in images, functionality for facial characteristic analysis in biometric photo acquisition, and the capability to track faces in video streams.

Mobile face recognition has recently entered the security and consumer markets. Thanks to technology that leverages a phone or tablet’s built in camera and Internet connectivity, police are able to identify suspects on the street, and employers can perform more thorough background checks on prospective employees.

Hard authentication for access to devices or online accounts, biometric ePassport or smart ID photos, index applications for native or cloud-based photo galleries: all of these face recognition solutions are ready to make their move to the mobile platform. With capable development technologies like FaceVACS-SDK in the hands of mobile developers, the future becomes more convenient, effective, and secure.