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Aware is a leading provider of biometrics software products and development services to government departments, system integrators, and solution suppliers globally. Our products include SDKs, software components, workstation applications, and a modular, centralized, service-oriented platform. They fulfill a broad range of functions critical to biometric authentication and search using fingerprints, face, and iris, including sample autocapture, image quality assurance, abstraction of capture hardware peripherals, centralized data processing and workflow, subsystem connectivity, and biometric matching algorithms. The products are used to enable identity-centric security solutions with biometrics for applications including law enforcement, border management, credentialing and access control, and defense and intelligence. Aware is a publicly held company (NASDAQ: AWRE) based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Aware has provided biometrics software products since 1993, when it helped the FBI to design an image compression algorithm optimized for fingerprints for its first large-scale fingerprint card digitization effort. Shortly thereafter, Aware was the first to commercialize “WSQ” as a COTS SDK product. Over the past twenty years, Aware has consistently employed a “true COTS” model, introducing a diverse array of OEM software products used to quickly and easily integrate advanced biometric functionality into solutions for border management, law enforcement, defense, credentialing, and access control. Aware software has been used by hundreds of customers and is currently in daily operation on many thousands of workstations and servers globally.

Aware is considered to be among the leading independent supplier of biometrics software products in the world; that is, independent from hardware vendors, AFIS suppliers, multinational conglomerates, and system integrators. This independence ensures that using Aware products not only incorporates high-quality, reliable, best-of-breed functionality into a solution, but also enables flexibility, abstraction, and a modular architecture to a degree that delivers substantial long-term benefits to the system owner. These benefits include cost savings and risk mitigation associated with ongoing system maintenance and expansion, and ultimately can add many years to the life of a solution.

Aware provides software and services globally to local systems integrators in four categories:

·         software development kits and components – these COTS products include libraries, reference programs, and documentation that provide developers with specific functionality for biometric sample autocapture, quality assurance, standard-compliant formatting, matching, and search.

·         workstation applications and user interfaces – Aware offers applications with C#/.NET and browser-based user interfaces that implement workflow and utilize Aware’s BioComponents and SDKs for underlying image and data processing and workflows. They can be easily configured to accommodate specific workflow and functionality requirements.

·         biometric application server – Aware’s service-oriented Biometric Services Platform (BioSP) performs centralized biometric services such as data formatting, quality analysis and reporting, biometric matching, data storage, matcher integration, and document authentication. It includes a browser-based user interface and advanced client application distribution and maintenance administration functionality.

·         software development services – Aware is able to deliver custom application and workflow features, such as for biometric enrollment user interfaces and BioSP workflow configuration.

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