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Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies and applications for industry customers and government agencies around the world. In various independent evaluation tests, our FaceVACS® software has proven to be the premier technology available on the market. Cognitec´s products efficiently implement all processes in today’s identity management systems which use facial data for:

  • identity verification
  • duplicate check
  • background check
  • management of identity information
  • acquisition of biometric facial photographs
Cognitec´s products are easy to use, flexible, extendable, and take into account current industry standards, allowing for easy customization and integration. The company also provides excellent technical support, training, documentation, and tutorials.
Cognitec has established sales and support offices in Europe, the USA and Australia, and works closely with business partners in more than 30 countries.

With a clear corporate focus on face recognition technology and applications, the company is committed to deliver the best performance available on the market.

Building on the FaceVACS engine, Cognitec has developed various products that address different use cases for face recognition.
FaceVACS-DBScan quickly compares facial images from different sources to images of faces in a database. The software can perform searches in multi-million image databases and instantly create a match list of the most similar faces. Facial image databases often contain several different images of the same person or duplicate images under different names. FaceVACS-DBScan can help finding these duplicates. The Examiner toolset offers a powerful user interface for law enforcement customers to perform image enhancement and inspection. Drivers’ license, passport, national ID, and visa offices, as well as law enforcement agencies use FaceVACS-DBScan for fraud prevention and investigations.
FaceVACS-VideoScan scans live video streams, detects multiple faces and checks the facial images against a watch list of persons. In case of a match, operators are notified in real time. Applications include the identification of unwanted people in public venues, at business locations or industry sites, but also the identification of high-ranking customers in order to offer them special services. Casinos, stores, airports and border authorities are using FaceVACS-VideoScan for watch list scenarios.
FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition streamlines and manages the production of high-quality biometric portraits, suitable for photo-ID documents and face recognition applications. The application assesses the portrait for compliance with the mandatory requirements and best practice recommendations of ISO 19794-5 standard full frontal image type and similar industry standards. Passport and visa agencies around the world already rely on this tool.
FaceVACS-Entry combines smart hardware for image acquisition with market-leading software for verification processes, and is ready for integration into electronic gates (eGates) at border control checkpoints. The software instantly verifies the images against biometric photos stored in passports, other ID documents and/or facial image databases.
FaceVACS-SDK delivers face recognition to a broad range of applications and allows using this innovative technology for new applications. FaceVACS-SDK uses modern programming techniques with consistent, logically clear programming interfaces. It covers the basic functions (use cases) of enrollment, verification, identification, image capture and quality assessment, face finding and tracking, and defines abstractions to support user-defined applications. System integrators and software companies around the world are using this powerful tool to develop new products.
Cognitec has delivered products to customers in more than 30 countries, including:
  • more than 20 drivers’ license authorities (DMVs) in the USA, Canada and Australia
  • passport and visa issuing authorities in Australia, Europe and South-East Asia
  • law enforcement agencies in the USA, Europe, South-East Asia and Australia
  • border control authorities in Australia, Europe, and Africa
  • internet service providers in the USA and Europe


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