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Samsung SDS America (SDSA) is the U.S. subsidiary of Samsung SDS, a global software solutions and IT services company.  Samsung SDSA provides software and solutions for enterprise mobility, security, analytics, and mobile sales and training.  We enable our customers to drive business in a hyper-connected economy by helping them increase productivity, safeguard assets, and make smarter decisions.

Our 30+ years of IT experience and knowledge expands across the industry, from data systems to system integration to software. Samsung SDS America is a full software solutions provider, always willing to provide innovative approaches as opposed to purely plugging-in simple software. The passion and determination to figure out the true needs of our customers has helped one of the world’s most recognized brands to reach its greatest potential.

For the financial services industry, an increasing amount of sensitive data is being accessed by mobile devices, putting firms at risk for data leaks.  Samsung SDS mobile security solutions reduce this risk with comprehensive, enterprise-grade mobile device management (MDM), access controls, and data security.  With the cost of fraud, regulatory fines, and lost reputations totaling billions, financial services firms need mobility solutions that meet strict government and global compliance requirements.

Introducing Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) a Biometric Authentication Solution

Passwords are easily forgotten or hacked, making them an outdated option for enterprises to secure the devices holding private data and information.  Biometric authentication thus becomes the prime option for enterprises to utilize today that allows convenient, reliable, and secure access to corporate data through unforgettable biometric data such as fingerprint, voice, or facial recognition.

Samsung SDS FIDO is built on Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) specifications which is the de facto standard for simpler and stronger authentication by using users’ biometrics information and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology to store critical user information in mobile and server respectively.  Users can scan their fingerprint, use facial recognition of other biometric authenticators such as voice detection to complete a payment or transaction in a secure and frictionless way.  This can replace traditional authentication methods such as the entry of a user ID, password or transaction authentication number (TAN).

“By 2020, new biometric methods will displace passwords and fingerprints for access to end-point devices across 80 percent of the market.” – Gartner, Inc.

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