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Sensory, Inc. is a profitable, venture backed, privately held company focused on improving the user experience through voice and vision technologies.

Sensory was founded in 1994 and has put speech recognition into close to a billion  products, from hundreds of leading consumer electronics manufacturers including ATT, Hasbro, JVC, Kenwood, LG, Mattel, Motorola, Plantronics, Samsung, Sony, SEGA, Uniden, and V-Tech. Sensory has sold more dedicated speech recognition IC’s than all its competitors combined, and is also the market leader in small footprint voice recognition and speaker verification software.

Sensory Inc. Santa Clara facility

Sensory’s Silicon Valley Headquarters.

Sensory’s recent introduction of the TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control technology is revolutionizing the speech technology industry for a wide variety of hands-free consumer applications. This technology is getting rave editorial and customer reviews for enabling a safer and more convenient user experience with an extremely noise robust and accurate solution that responds quickly and at ultra-low power consumption. Variations include fixed phrase triggers and command sets, user defined triggers, predefined fixed phrase voice passwords, and user defined passwords.

Sensory’s flagship RSC line of low-cost speech chips perform speech recognition, speech and music synthesis, speaker verification, and general purpose micro-controller functions. The NLP-5x DSP based chips builds upon the success of its predecessor by ushering in a new era of accuracy for embedded speech recognition and high quality for sound output with features like TTS (text to speech synthesis) and MP3 playback.

Sensory’s TrulyNatural™ technology is a state-of-the-art speech engine implementing a custom deep neural net architecture to allows developers to incorporate scalable sizes and capabilities ranging from small footprint small vocabulary engines to large vocabulary continuous speech recognition systems. TrulyNatural is perfect for automotive, mobile, PC, set top box and other home electronic applications.

TrulySecure™ combines Sensory’s award winning speaker verification with face authentication to enable a fast, convenient and accurate approach to biometric authentication.

Sensory is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and has offices in Portland, OR, Boulder, CO, Tokyo, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

Sensory’s mission is to improve the way humans interact with consumer products by designing highly accurate, low-cost, low-current,small-footprint speech and vision solutions that work!


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