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Suprema, is proud to be one of the leading biometrics companies that offer fingerprint technologies for PC and embedded applications. They have a team of experts with vast experience and knowledge of biometric solutions, embedded system designs and signal processing and their fingerprint solution was proven to be one of the world’s most reliable. They have sold their products to over 100 countries and are proven to have an outstanding performance.

Your fingerprint is unique to you and never changes – that is what makes it the most reliable way to identify you. It cannot be forgotten like a password, it cannot be misplaced like a card and it cannot be stolen, unless they steal your whole body! And it is affordable and convenient.
Suprema fingerprint technology takes a picture of your employee’s print and saves it to an image file. When you need to identify that person again, their fingerprint is again scanned with a sensor and then compared to the stored fingerprint data. They also support third-party developers with standalone access equipment to network based security systems.

Suprema sensors and how they work:

OPTICAL SENSORS: This sensor has a solid surface and is fairly inexpensive. You place your finger on the plate and it is lit up by LRD light. It is then projected on an image sensor and is stored and ready when you need it again.
THERMAL SENSORS: This sensor has a small form factor and can be lower priced for high volume use. It measures the temperature over your finger and differentiates between the temperature of the skin (the ridges) and the temperature of the air (in the valleys).
CAPACITIVE SENSORS: This sensor has a fairly hard surface and when your finger is placed on this sensor, it measures the difference in output between the valleys and the ridges.
ELECTRIC FIELD SENSORS: This sensor creates an electric field on your finger and then measures the variations caused by the ridges and valleys. These variations are found beneath the surface of the skin and it is very good for use with contaminated fingerprints.
MATCH ON CARDS: This card is the most secure technology for identifying individual fingerprints. Your fingerprint is stored right within the card and the fingerprint matching is done in the card itself.

Suprema offers:

  • Top reliability – they can guarantee their customers performance and reliability.
  • Wide flexibility – they have a variety of sensors to choose from, a high quality capability to customize your works, and they offer you solutions that are tailor-made just for you.
  • Excellent support – they offer you a wide variety of support options, the best of which is their one day technical support service.
Product list:
BioStar: Next generation IP based distributed access control system
BioEntry Plus: IP-based fingerprint access control
BioStation: Full featured fingerprint terminal with access control and time attendance
BioLite Net: IP based outdoor fingerprint terminal with access control and time attendance
BioLite Solo: Standalone outdoor fingerprint lock
Xpass: Smart IP Access Reader
SFM3000/3500 Series: OEM fingerprint module with Suprema Algorithm
SFM 3000/3500/4000 Series: Standalone fingerprint module/Latest addition of SFM 4000 with TS4 sensor and power
saving feature
SFM EVK: EVK (evaluation kit) is a demonstration device to enable developers to evaluate the core functionality of standalone modules
SFU300: An OEM fingerprint USB module suitable for integration into fingerprint authentication applications for desktop or network
Image SDK: A software development kit for PC based fingerprint application development
BioMini & SDK: High performance PC & Network biometric security solution
RealScan-10: FBI grade Compact 10-print live scanner
RealScan-P: FBI-certified High performance palm-print live scanner
RealPass-S: ARINC certified Compact one-step e-passport reader
RealPass-V: Full-page multi functional e-passport reader
RealScan-D: FBI grade portable dual fingerprint live scanner
RealScan-F: Palmprint Live Scanner


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