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Zighra is a world leader in real-time continuous authentication for mobile and web apps to protect companies, employees and consumers against fraud. Through implicit and continuous verification we make authenticating an easy and seamless experience. Our patent portfolio and speciality is accelerated AI across multiple modes of authentication intelligence adding behavioral biometrics for unique traits of each person and device. This allows us to detect anomalous behaviors at the point it begins. Trusting a user is genuine throughout each and every transaction is critical in today’s world of stolen credentials, stolen devices, vulnerabilities, bot attacks and friendly fraud. At the same time we meet today’s demands of being convenient, fast, easy to use and hassle free.

Our ultra fast AI engine enables companies to combine what they already have in existing authentication credentials and biometrics (fingerprint,facial etc) and combine with our dynamic behavioral biometrics for a more comprehensive detection coverage model. Zighra fuses the inputs and through constant correlation produces a continuous risk score validating the conditions. Once our engine knows a person after 15 interactions (not transactions), it continues to refine its knowledge as new intelligence and human behaviors evolve. An initial explicit swipe builds a baseline user signature while the more comprehensive profile is completed. The explicit swipe signature, used to simplify onboarding, can also be used for step up validation while the complete profile is being built. Our three delivery models offer choice: cloud, on-premise or 100% on device for off-line and decentralized architecture(a world 1st).

On over 700 devices in 70 countries, from major banks and insurance companies, to manufacturers and start-ups serving the sharing economy, you will quickly see why our platform and architecture can be flexibly adapted to meet a wide array of use cases.

Our Unique Value Proposition

  • Industries fastest continuous authenticator with low false positive accuracy
  • Frictionless and ‘natural’ experience with comprehensive fraud protection
  • Simplifies onboarding and ongoing authentication procedures and data stores

What does this mean from a corporate perspective?

Companies of all sizes, across all industries can now trust with a high degree of confidence that customers of their apps are the genuine users through continuous risk scoring. Real time anomalous behavior detection will flag when traits aren’t matching indicating possible fraud. Appropriate actions can be taken as defined by company policies and procedures to execute secondary checks using easier behavioral methods or they can choose to suspend the transaction based on what the scoring is telling them. Companies can also accelerate new account on-boarding procedures leveraging explicit swipe behavioral biometrics – an easier  experience. Similar protection for internal company apps can extend to employees and be linked to MDM/EMM platforms for administrative control.

What does this mean for the consumer?

Consumers can have a high degree of trust when downloading and using an app with Zighra inside, knowing the owner of the app takes their privacy and security seriously. The many recent large data breaches of personal information and credit scores from centralized stores have made it necessary to offer a different approach to protect consumers Not to mention the hassle of today’s passwords and secret codes. We can now push security to the background and leverage a new model based on a person’s natural unique behaviors.

Our ‘on-device’ version serves those markets who desire a decentralized ID model or require offline authentication support such as field workers or environments with weak connectivity. We make a decentralized ID data model now a matter of timing of deployment, not availability. The option exists to use our platform as a mobile security key to other ‘things’ in the IoT world.

The Details

As outlined below, our AI engine fuses up to 6 layers of intelligence alongside behavioral biometrics – combining device, network, static biometrics, location, and social (optional) harvesting the advantages of previous authentication methods while combining with next gen behavioral methods with advanced AI.

Enterprises can trust it’s the genuine user throughout a transaction – from start to finish – a great match for persistently logged-in apps. The user experience is seamless and invisible while users executes tasks simply in their natural way – no special training required. In just 15 interactions we know the user’s unique patterns and continue to learn and refine as behavior evolves or changes with varying conditions. Real time risk scores alert of anomalous behaviors or non-human traffic such as bots or scripts.

Zighra’s AI algorithms work 10X faster than traditional AI approaches to build and continuously refine highly personalized profiles – from the unique way a user walks, types, swipes and taps, to the hand(s) they prefer to hold their device, correlated with traditional environmental and contextual intelligence. Zighra’s behavioral biometrics can also speed up the on-boarding process with an explicit swipe exercise which can then be used in later step up verifications making it less hassle for your customers. Use cases include protection against account takeover, remote and automated bot attacks, and friendly fraud. Accommodate multiple users on one device or multiple devices per user profile. Leverage our fused data in other dashboards or analytic systems of your choice for further mining, trending and automation.

Three Deployment Options

We understand that every company and industry has unique architecture and deployment preferences. As a behavioral biometric company we offer the most  choice from 100% on-premise, to cloud through to 100% on-device to match your unique requirements and future plans. You can also transition between options if your requirements change down the road.

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Decentralized Architecture – why is this an important consideration?

Zighra is the first and only ‘on-device’ continuous authenticator in market today to serve roles where continuous offline authentication support is important – weak connectivity zones, field service roles, remote industrial, free agent workforce such as healthcare where workers execute their roles across multiple hospitals,regions with different IT infrastructures. We also believe in decentralized data models and the option of data ownership. Centralized stores of private data are prone to attack.

Where are we located ?

We are a virtual team with leadership in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada and development in both
Canada and India.

How can you try us out?

You can download our sdk and demo app from our developer portal at www.zighra.com

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