News Roundup: Connected Cars and The Biometric Bra

Last week at Mobile ID World the Internet of Things, wearable tech, vital biometrics and the connected car were making the biggest headlines along with the year’s first big fingerprint sensor news.

Here is a look back on the top new items from the first week of the new year.

Vital Biometrics and Wearable Tech

News Roundup: Connected Cars and The Biometric BraLast week marked the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, which brought with it a fair share of wearable and vital signal tech news. Valencell showcased its optical blood pressure technology, OMsignal unveiled its smart bra offering, we learned about the new Samsung Gear models, and we caught a glimpse of the new wearable UV sensor from L’Oréal, which features MC10 technology. MC10 was also in the news with the announcement of its BioStamp RC solution, which leverages flexible biometric sensors.

Connected Apparel Maker Launches Smart Bra

L’Oréal Makes Surprise Entry Into Wearables

Samsung Announces Gear S2 Luxury Models, iOS Compatibility

CES 2016: Valencell Shows Off Optical Blood Pressure Tech

BioStamp RC Uses Sophisticated, Flexible Sensors

Silicon Labs Announces New HRM Solution for Wristband Wearables


News Roundup: Connected Cars and The Biometric BraIn fingerprint news last week we reported on NEXT Biometrics’ plans to focus on the smart card market in 2016. IDEX was at CES, showing off its fingerprint sensor solutions, and we reported on Fingerprint Cards’ successful 2015, in which it had the best performing stock in Europe.

CES 2016: IDEX Showcases Fingerprint Sensor Line

NEXT Biometrics Takes Aim At Smart Card Market

2015’s Best Performing European Stock: FPC

Smartphones and a Tablet

News Roundup: Connected Cars and The Biometric BraSmartphones were all over the news last week, with FPC and Precise Biometrics making multiple headlines involving the integration of their respective technologies on several handsets and a tablet. Qualcomm had its tech—including its fingerprint sensor—make it on to Letv’s latest phone, and ZTE was given four awards from IDG at the Global Top Brands Awards Ceremony held during CES.

Morpho Mobile Efforts to Focus on SIM Cards, Embedded Security, Biometric Authentication

FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech Is On The Huawei GX8

Letv Embraces Qualcomm Tech for Product Ecosystem

IDG Recognizes ZTE with Four Awards at CES 2016

Huawei MediaPad M2 Tablet Sports FPC1155 Sensor

Huawei Highlights Technological Sophistication of Mate 8 Smartphone

New Lenovo, Hisense Smartphones Integrate Precise BioMatch Mobile

IoT and the Connected Car

News Roundup: Connected Cars and The Biometric BraCES being last week it’s not surprising we saw the connected car back in the news. Nuance Communications’ Dragon Drive Automotive Assistant was named a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree and we reported on a pupil biometrics technology that has safety applications in smart cars.

Moving on to the broader Internet of Things, Samsung’s ARTIK made the news last week with the announcement that it will support Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree speech recognition offering.

Dragon Drive Automotive Assistant Named CES Honoree

Pupil Biometrics System Monitors Driver Alertness, Stress

TrulyHandsfree Supported By Samsung ARTIK


News Roundup: Connected Cars and The Biometric BramCommerce was not the primary focus of last week’s news cycle, but Samsung and Apple did each have an item related to their mobile wallets. We learned that Apple Pay is closing in on the 1,000 mark when it comes to supporting US card issuers. Samsung, meanwhile, announced that it will be expanding Samsung Pay in two ways: releasing it for mid and low range handsets, and enabling online payments with the tech.

Apple Pay Nears 1,000 Supporting US Card Issuers

Samsung Pay to Expand Into eCommerce

Eye Veins

News Roundup: Connected Cars and The Biometric BraFinally, EyeVerify had two big news stories last week. The vascular biometrics company announced that it has received FIDO Certification and also went on record with its impressive 2015 adoption numbers.

EyeVerify Achieves FIDO Certification

2 Million Users Now Enrolled in Eyeprint ID


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