connectID 2014: Introducing Liveness Detection on Mobile Devices

In terms of technological advancements in strong mobile authentication, nothing seems to be more essential, at least in terms of satiating the public’s need for peace of mind, than liveness detection. With the high profile spoofing of Apple’s Touch ID almost immediately after its release, the demand was loud and clear: even though biometrics prevent scalable hacking attempts and are much more difficult to fool than passwords (especially with the terrible habits of the average user), consumers want assurance that their information can’t be accessed with the clever application of a gummy bear.

Today, NexID announced its Mobile Live Finger Detection (LFD) software in order to address this exact need as more and more smartphones hit the market sporting embedded fingerprint sensors. The company is making the claim that this is the first solution aimed at the mobile end user and that it provides authentication rates as high as 94 to 97 percent.

Mobile LFD is technology agnostic, so it has the potential to bolster the security of any fingerprint sensor smartphone. The software runs on the phone and quickly assesses any submitted print for signs of life.

“Two of the world’s leading mobile device makers now include fingerprint identification on their devices, so it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that trend continuing,” says NexID COO Mark Cornett.  “We believe every mobile device will incorporate some type of fingerprint ID functionality in the next couple of years. And with people relying more and more on their devices, the security of personal, financial, health and business information is not just needed, it’s imperative.”

The need for this kind of spoof-proofing is especially welcome in the BYOD arena, which sees critical and confidential business information passing from server to personal phone regularly, making any mobile devices with authorized access potential points of entry for spies, crooks or fraudsters.

Those attending connect:ID conference and exhibition in Washington D.C. this week can take a closer look at NexID’s spoof-proofing software by visiting the company’s booth #202.