News Roundup: Windows, FIDO, Consumer Authentication

Last week at Mobile ID World, consumer technology consumer authentication was the name of the game as we continued our month long look at biometric software solutions. Rounding out the headlines we also saw news about new handsets, innovations in wearable tech and the Internet of Things.

Here’s a look back on the top stories from the week that was:

Commerce Wars

News Roundup: Windows, FIDO, Consumer AuthenticationPayPal is holding a party in Times Square today, celebrating that it is now officially its own company having split from parent concern eBay, and it has entered a dynamic and competitive market. Last week Apple Pay launched in the UK with a last minute partnership and customer warnings from the London transit authority while the vice president of Alipay heralded the end of passwords in mobile financial transactions. New reports and new partnerships painted an accurate picture of the market that’s been popularizing consumer biometrics and changing the way we pay.

Here’s a look at the top mCommerce stories of the past week:

Newly Independent PayPal to Host Times Square Party

London Commuters Warned To Save Batteries For Apple Pay

Alipay VP: mCommerce Passwords Dead in Three Years

Mobile Biometrics to Disrupt mCommerce Industry

New Samsung Devices, Samsung Pay to Launch August 21

Imagus and Payonyx Team Up For Payment Authentication

Apple Pay Snags Barclays for Today’s UK Launch

FIDO Ready

Biometric Authentication BannersThe FIDO Alliance and its members were all over the news last week with Egis joining the consortium’s board of directors and showcasing its UAF and U2F tech at MWC Shanghai. Speaking of U2F, Bluetooth Smart was approved officially for the current FIDO second factor specifications with the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Meanwhile, preparations continued for the FIDO Ready Windows 10 operating system with rundowns of its hardware requirements and an official launch date.

Egis Joins FIDO Board of Directors

Egis Showing Off FIDO Certified Tech at MWC Shanghai

FIDO MOU Approves Bluetooth Smart for U2F Authentication

Windows 10 Requires Infrared Cameras for Facial Recognition

Windows 10 to Launch July 29, Bring Biometrics With It

HP Embraces Windows 10 Security Features

Internet of Things

PrintThe UK government incentivised innovation in Internet of Things last week with a £10 Million prize. Target launched its Open House project which aims to educate and familiarize consumers with M2M tech while NTT Docomo’s CEO highlighted IoT innovation in an MCW Shanghai keynote.

Docomo Chief Preaches Innovation and Alliances at MWC

UK Gov’t Offers £10 Million Prize for IoT Innovation

Target’s Open House Aims To Educate Consumers on IoT


Apple Watch EdIn wearable tech news: last week saw the Apple Watch transformed into a TV remote, a mood altering wristband and a patent that might see Apple’s next smartwatch sporting vascular biometrics.

Hulu App Makes Apple Watch a TV Remote

Next Apple Watch May Authenticate Via Vascular Biometrics

Wearable Wristband Can Alter User’s Mood


Business cloud data computing security and server virus protection banner design elements vector illustration

The two current Samsung flagship smartphones were approved for use in the UK government thanks to the KNOX platform last week. Staying on the topic of the government, ImageWare Stands to see licensing revenue from that sector after sealing a deal with Lockheed Martin to see its Biometric Engine integrated with the latter’s Identity as a Service platform.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Get Approval for Gov’t Use in UK

ImageWare Systems Seals Major Deal With Lockheed Martin

Biometric Handsets

unsplash_mobileLast week, biometrics were at the center of the handset news. Dashlane announced support for Samsung fingerprint sensors, the Huawei Nexus looks like it will be sporting a sensor of its own, and new research has revealed that new opportunities are opening in the iris recognition market now that the tech is being included on mobile devices.

Dashlane Supports Samsung Fingerprint Sensors

Huawei Nexus to Feature Fingerprint Sensor, Smaller Screen

Smartphone Iris Biometrics Brings Huge Market Opportunities


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