Cool Vendor to Provide ARTIK Security

Sansa SecurityCool Vendor to Provide ARTIK Security has announced that it’s going to support Samsung’s new ARTIK platform. Sansa Client, the company’s device-focused software stack, is going to be integrated into the ARTIK silicon in order to provide end-to-end security.

ARTIK is Samsung’s latest big step into the Internet of Things. It’s aiming to be a comprehensive chip infrastructure platform that allows developers to quickly build IoT products. Sansa, it seems, is going to provide the security, with Sansa Client establishing the guidelines for activation codes, keys, encrypted software and so on, and then implementing those security protocols on the device itself via its Trust as a Service (TaaS) platform.

In a statement announcing the development, a Sansa executive listed a number of potential applications in the ARTIK ecosystem, including “in-field and factory key provisioning, secure code introduction, in-field feature activation, operational flexibility between OEMs, IoT application developers and IoT service providers, provisioning rights transfer, and time-based provisioning rights management.”

It’s a bold move into the emerging world of the Internet of Things, both for Samsung and for Sansa. And it seems to be a big pay-off for some smart position on the latter’s part; within the last month, Sansa has joined the AllSeen Alliance, which seeks to establish a common and open platform for the field; and Sansa was named a Cool Vendor in the Internet of Things by Gartner. Samsung clearly agrees.