Coolpad Shine Features Rear-Mounted FPC Sensor

Mobile BiometricsA new mobile device from China-based smartphone maker Coolpad uses a Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensor powered by Precise Biometrics algorithms. Called the Coolpad Shine, the smartphone features an FPC1025 sensor.

Speaking to the media at the product’s launch, Coolpad CEO Jeeves Jiang suggested that the rear-mounted sensor reflects a design choice seeking to improve the user experience. While rear-mounted fingerprint sensors are not uncommon, and it’s not clear whether most users actually find them more convenient than the kinds of front-facing fingerprint sensors found on other mid- and upper-range smartphones, FPC’s sensors do provide 360 degree finger rotation, allowing them to easily scan fingerprints without requiring the user to carefully place her digits onto the sensor – an important aspect, given the rear placement. (Meanwhile, the side-mounted sensor in Huawei’s recently-launched Honor 7i, which also features FPC technology, further highlights this quality in FPC sensors, as well as their versatility.)

While FPC and Precise Biometrics have recently seen their fingerprint scanning technology integrated into American and European OEM-made devices, the Asian market has long been their central business focus. This latest integration helps to solidify their foothold in that market as they continue to reach out to partners around the world.

Source: CNN Indonesia