CPI Card Group Joins FIDO Alliance

The FIDO Alliance is welcoming a new member as CPI Card Group joins its ranks.

CPI Card Group Joins FIDO AllianceCPI specializes in chip card production and related services, and as such could prove to be a valuable member of the authentication standards consortium, since payments are increasingly going digital. Moreover, CPI is also working in the expanding world of mobile payments services, where user authentication is crucial.

Commenting in a statement, CPI Card Group CEO Steve Montross said his team are “active stewards of consumer privacy and protection,” and that CPI “is proud to join like-minded organizations to pool our resources to create safer transaction and computing environments for all.” FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell, meanwhile, welcomed CPI to “a powerful FIDO ecosystem vital to widespread adoption of interoperable, strong authentication that simplifies the user experience while raising security and privacy at the same time.”

CPI’s entry into the fold should serve to further solidify FIDO’s authority as the key operator in the establishment of digital authentication standards, and could also help draw in other companies operating in the world of mPayments as that market starts to grow.