Credence ID to Authenticate Student Test-Takers in Nigeria

Credence ID to Authenticate Student Test-Takers in NigeriaCredence ID is going to provide the authentication technology for state-administered student examinations in Nigeria, the company has announced. The contract comes by way of Fleet Technologies, an IT leader in the West Africa region.

The contract will see a thousand of Credence’s CredenceOne mobile fingerprint sensor devices deployed, allowing the state to virtually eliminate the possibility of impostors sitting in for truant students during the tests. Speaking in a press release, Fleet Technologies Managing Director Kunle Akinniran explained that Credence ID was selected for the quality of its mobile devices, noting that they’re “highly mobile and provide very long battery life which is important in these often remote and challenging environments.” Akinniran added that the device’s SDK also helped in facilitating “the rapid application development necessary for this type of project.”

It’s another big win for Credence ID this week, as the company has also just announced a partnership with ADO Technologies to deploy its mobile fingerprint reader in financial services applications in Panama and Columbia. The company has enjoyed other recent successes with its mobile biometric technology as well, and with this week’s developments it should now be able to take advantage of a further heightened profile in the industry.