Credence ID Launches CredenceTAB Mobile Biometric Device

Credence ID has launched a new tablet designed for biometrics and ID reading. Called the CredenceTAB, it sports a 10″ display, an FBI PIV FAP 30 certified fingerprint scanner, and front- and rear-facing cameras.

Credence ID Launches Tablet for Major Identity ProjectsThe cameras enable ICAO-compliant face capture, and of course the fingerprint scanner allows for biometric identification; but the tablet also features a smart card reader compatible with both contact-based and contactless cards, and an MRZ reader for new ePassports. As such, the tablet is designed to offer comprehensive identification capabilities. In a statement announcing the device, Gemalto Government Programs executive Lionel Jean pointed to the need for “[s]ecure, reliable and comprehensive enrollment and ID verification” in “new voting processes, border controls and customer onboarding,” adding that the tablet could also be useful in protecting against fraud in the private sector, such as in SIM registration or bank account creation.

With CEO Bruce Hanson having disclosed a few details about the CredenceTAB to FindBiometrics in a recent interview, Credence ID officially launched the tablet—as well as an expansion of a major student ID project—at this week’s ID4Africa expo, an event with a strong emphasis on government applications of ID technology. And in a statement, the company highlighted its involvement “in multiple national projects in Africa, where registering citizens in difficult remote locations is typically a major challenge.” The company went on to highlight the CredenceTAB as an ideal solution for such situations, and it seems a fair bet that the device will have attracted some attention from ID4Africa attendees by the event’s conclusion.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)