Credit Union App Uses Fingerprint or Eye Vein Scan for Login

Credit Union App Uses Fingerprint or Eye Vein Scan for LoginCustomers of Mountain America Credit Union can now log in to the company’s mobile app via biometric authentication, the company has announced. Users can now log in via finger-swipe, or by eye-scan.

It’s an effort to make logging in both easier and more secure. In a statement announcing the new login system, Mountain America Product Strategy manager Shelby Peterson explained that the biometric technologies “not only ensure our mobile products are more secure, but also easier for members to use.”

The eye-scanning technology – something of a novelty in current mobile devices – comes by way of EyeVerify, a company specializing in vascular biometric technology. Its Eyeprint ID solution is designed for mobile applications, and with a recent upgrade became capable of scanning the vein patterns in a user’s eye without the user having to look to the side for greater exposure.

Mountain America is not the first financial institution to implement multiple biometric modalities for user login on its app; USAA recently debuted a system using facial and voice recognition. Interestingly, that system had the added security of being multi-factor- with both biometrics required for login – whereas the Mountain America system allows the user to choose one or the other of its login modality options.