Cross Match Technologies Releases New Android-based Credential and Biometric Reader

Today, biometric identity management solutions provider Cross Match Technologies announced the launch of a new handheld authentication solution. The Verifier Sentry is an Android-based mobile device that is designed to use biometrics and credentials in verifying an identity.


The Verifier Sentry brings efficiency to law enforcement deployments in addition to its remote identifying capabilities.

Verifier Sentry has the capability to act as a standalone reader, able to authenticate a user’s identity with by matching a live scan of her fingerprint to the biometric data held on a submitted credential, but mobility and connectivity bring with them more flexibility.

The reader is able to transmit fingerprints scanned with its FAP 30 rated sensor to a remote AFIS in order to be processed. This long distance match functionality is ideal for scanning unknown subjects in law enforcement and border control scenarios. To facilitate this, Verifier Sentry is offered with Commander: a mobile device management (MDM) tool that allows for the secure transfer of data in addition to match request management.

Eric Vermillion, senior vice president of sales for Cross Match, comments,  “This makes the new handheld uniquely suited for law enforcement, border control and immigration officers that require mobility and autonomous operational capabilities.”

As is also the case in BYOD deployments, secure MDM opens up a number of new applications for this handheld. In addition to enabling remote fingerprint matching, Commander allows administrators to remotely lock or wipe compromised devices while also bringing new efficiencies to the table like time and attendance functionality.

Summarizing the benefits that Commander brings to Verifier Sentry deployments, Cross Match’s product manager for handheld solutions, Curt Chandler, says: “It provides IT managers the ability to efficiently manage and configure deployed devices, as well as perform watchlist management tasks, all in a secure environment.”

Earlier this month, Cross Match Technologies was named as a key vendor in a new report from Research and Markets examining the law enforcement biometrics market. As reported by FindBiometrics, said market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.2 percent between this year and 2018.