Crossmatch Unveils Mobile Livescan Innovation at GIS 2016

Today at the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida, biometrics company Crossmatch introduced its newest ten-print sensor technology: a FAP60 thin film transistor (TFT) sensor the company is positioning as a revolutionary innovation in the world of mobile livescan.GIS 2016: Crossmatch Unveils Innovative New Mobile Livescan Tech

The FAP60 TFT is being demonstrated at GIS as part of a wireless mobile handheld device. The demonstration illustrates the ten-print sensor’s versatility. According to the company, the solution is able to integrate with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and is aimed at law enforcement, military, and border control markets.

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Crossmatch CEO Richard Agostinelli explains, “The options that the new FAP60 sensor deliver are expansive, offering the truly mobile ten-print capability our customers are demanding. Up to this point, mobile customers have been limited by smaller FAP30 and FAP45 sensors which do not meet FBI standards for enrollment. Being able to complete a mobile 4-4-2 capture without stitching opens up new use cases that previous and current market technologies are unable to fulfill.”

In an interview published today on Mobile ID World, Ben Ball, government market director at Crossmatch, explained that the sensor technology in question is only 0.7mm thick. “That allows for a whole new range of mobile use cases that typically aren’t available right now,” said Ball. “I think that the market has really wanted something like this for a very long time, but the industry hasn’t been able to deliver from a technological perspective. So we really see this as a breakthrough technology.”

But now the technology is here, ready to combine the full benefits of mobility with the FBI compliant enrollment capabilities and the ability to perform rapid ID checks.

“There are several ten-print devices on the market today that claim to be the lightest and smallest,” said Ball in a press release announcing the FAP60 TFT sensor. “Yet the optical technology in these devices cannot match the flexibility and mobility of our radically thin and lightweight TFT sensor.”

Crossmatch is exhibiting at GIS this week, manning booth 310. The Global Identity Summit runs September 19 – 22 in Tampa, Florida.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)