What To Expect From The Most Crucial Biometrics Webinar of 2016

Financial services is the big use case for biometrics right now, and on November 2, 2016, Samsung SDS America, in concert with Mobile ID World, will be presenting a webinar event aimed at addressing lingering concerns regarding strong authentication in today’s financial markets: FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns.

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What To Expect From The Most Crucial Biometrics Webinar of 2016The presentation is set to be the biometrics and financial services online event of the year. Bringing together Samsung SDS America, Mobile ID World, The FIDO Alliance, and Javelin Strategy & Research, the webcast will begin with an industry overview before diving into an in-depth conversation on the biggest and most persistent challenges, objections, and myths concerning biometrics. Privacy issues, the threat of spoofing and presentation attacks, the problem of irrevocable credentials—Samsung SDSA, Mobile ID World and guests are going to be tackling these and other high profile industry issues and topics.

Al Pascual – SVP, Research Director, and Head of Fraud & Security, at Javelin, will be kicking off the webcast with his firm’s latest research and an industry overview. Pascual is a recognized expert in the topic of financial services tech and biometrics. Javelin’s recent report, The Future of Cardholder Verification Methods, co-authored by Pascual, underlines the central importance of biometrics in optimizing the cardholder verification process, and indeed, mPayment adoption as a whole.

What To Expect From The Most Crucial Biometrics Webinar of 2016Representing The FIDO Alliance will be the organization’s Executive Director, Brett McDowell. A prominent figure in the ongoing public conversations about moving past the password in private and public sectors, McDowell presented the opening keynote at this year’s Global Identity Summit, an annual conference and exhibition focused on identity in the government sector. During that presentation at GIS, McDowell asserted that the FIDO specifications for strong online authentication are on track to become the Bluetooth of authentication.

In the upcoming webinar, McDowell and Pascual will sit alongside Shankar Saibabu – Director, Solutions Architecture, Samsung SDS America; and  Richard Lobovsky – VP, Enterprise Solutions, Samsung SDS America. Saibabu and Lobovsky were both recently interviewed by Mobile ID World, discussing the Samsung subsidiary’s position on biometrics, the FIDO standard, and how identity technology is evolving beyond the password.

What To Expect From The Most Crucial Biometrics Webinar of 2016Leading the discussion will be Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill, fresh off of his speaking engagement at the upcoming Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas. The venerated panel will address the most pressing concerns facing biometrics in financial services, while also speaking on topics of ROI, deployment practices, and multimodality. Participants can also expect an interactive portion of the webinar in which they will have their own questions heard by the panel.

Registration is free but space is limited. Sign up now by visiting the webinar registration page.