CrucialTec To Host FIDO Event in March

South Korea-based CrucialTec, a specialist in fingerprint sensor modules, will become the first FIDO Alliance member to host a FIDO interoperability test event outside of the US. The event will be held from March 8th to March 10th.

CrucialTec to Host FIDO Interoperability Test Outside the USThe event will feature about 25 personnel representing FIDO Alliance members and non-members, and will be held at CrucialTec’s head office in Pangyo. Explaining the forum’s excursion out of its usual home in San Jose, California, a CrucialTec representative pointed to the growing prominence of Asia-region companies in the authentication market, noting that 25 of the 51 companies offering FIDO-certified products are headquartered in the region.

CrucialTec itself is engaged in perhaps the biggest segment driving the authentication market with which FIDO is concerned—mobile authentication. Smartphone fingerprint sensors have become extremely popular over the last year or so, and as such CrucialTec has seen a boom in business along with other fingerprint sensor developers reaping the market’s benefits.

Moreover, the company helped to organize a FIDO meeting last fall with Raon Secure, Samsung SDS, and major Korean telecoms as they worked out a plan to bring FIDO standards to all of their customers. As such, the company should be well-suited to its new role playing host for FIDO’s upcoming event.

Source: The Korea Herald

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)