CrucialTec Wins Patent for In-Display Sensor Solution

CrucialTec has won a patent for a transparent fingerprint sensor enabling in-display scanning on smartphones, reports The Investor.

CrucialTec Wins Patent for In-Display Sensor SolutionIt isn’t yet clear exactly how the technology works, but according to the report the sensor can be embedded under a mobile display, and can be easily integrated into existing production lines, potentially allowing for inexpensive integrations for cost-conscious OEMs. The Investor reports that it’s the product on an R&D effort that has been underway at CrucialTec since 2012.

CrucialTec certainly isn’t the only company that has been working toward in-display fingerprint sensors. Fingerprint Cards made pioneering advancements late last year with its under-glass sensor deployments on Huawei smartphones, and Goodix announced an in-display fingerprint sensor at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Meanwhile, Apple is thought to have been quietly working on an in-display solution for this year’s new iPhone, but details on that technology, inasmuch as it exists, are entirely under wraps.

CrucialTec, then, appears to be near the front of the field. And if its solution is as inexpensive to implement as is claimed, it may get a lot of interest from OEMs eager to implement it, especially if Apple helps to popularize in-display sensors with its new device.

Source: The Investor