Cue the Mobile Revolution – Fingerprint Cards AB Predicts Three Billion Integrated Sensors By in 2015

9436_fingerprint-cards_fingerprintcardslogoIf there needs to be any proof that Apple’s new Touch ID is having a positive impact on the world of consumer biometrics, one need only look as far a Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC), a company that only months ago was announcing that its 2013 would bring with it a lowered sales projection and is now updating its market outlook to encompass an optimistic view of 2014 and 2015.

The company CEO Johan Carlström has been quoted many times over the past month as FPC has been announcing sales activity in Asia saying that Fingerprint Cards expects more sales in Q4 of this year. The company now estimates that it will be able to report profitability come Q3 2014, revising its sales projections for the rest of the year with Q4 2013 bringing an expected SEK 30-50 million.

Anticipating that all tier one smartphone OEM’s will have capacitive fingerprint sensors in their flagship models, FPC’s optimism for 2014 as a whole comes to the tune of SEK 500 million. With a new sensor on the way, optimized for tablets and smartphones and launching in the beginning of 2014, Fingerprint Cards is expecting integrated sensor numbers in consumer electronics to be over three billion in 2015. It will be targeting 60 percent of this market share (excluding Apple, of course).

This kind of optimism is not unique, however. The Touch ID has brought consumer applications of biometric sensors into the mainstream discourse, with talk of mobile payment protection, BYOD credential possibilities and unprecedented multifactor security. It certainly seem that Fingerprint Cards is among the many that see great opportunity in the mobilization of true authentication.