MWC 2015: Cypress Debuts Fruits of IDEX ASA Partnership

Mobile Fingerprint BiometricsCypress Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled its new fingerprint scanner developed in conjunction with partner IDEX ASA. The company unveiled the TrueTouch Fingerprint Reader at the Mobile World Congress, currently underway in Barcelona.

The company teamed up with IDEX ASA, a fingerprint biometrics developer, last spring, in an agreement that would see the latter’s fingerprint scanning technology adopted into Cypress’ touch-sensitive offerings. Its TrueTouch Fingerprint Reader appears to be the first product of that partnership. Speaking in a press release, Cypress CEO T.J. Rodgers emphasized the importance of the partnership, noting, “The barriers to entry are considerable in the emerging market for fingerprint readers, in part because of the highly specialized IP and complete solution that is required to compete.”

The company is finding its way though, and not just with the IDEX ASA partnership. Just before the opening of the Mobile World Congress, Cypress joined the FIDO Alliance. That should present the company with a few inroads to the fingerprint biometrics market, and also presents Cypress with an opportunity to have some real influence in the world of digital security standards. Given the tremendous growth currently underway – and projected to continue – in the fingerprint biometrics market, it’s a good time for Cypress to be making these connections.