Daon Enables Mobile Biometrics For Gulf Bank Kuwait

Customers of Gulf Bank Kuwait who prefer to do their banking from their phones will have a more secure and convenient way to authenticate thanks to the financial institution’s partnership with Daon. Today, Gulf Bank Kuwait and Daon announced that the latter’s IdentityX biometric platform will be enabling fingerprint and face recognition for the bank’s mobile app, ensuring fast and strong authentication across myriad online channels.

Gulf Bank Kuwait Enables Multimodal Biometrics With DaonThe Gulf Bank Kuwait mobile app will mark the first deployment of IdentityX in the Middle East, according to a press release issued by Daon. The biometric platform is able to provide face, fingerprint, and voice recognition, in addition to other modalities, so that customers like Gulf Bank Kuwait are able to offer intuitive mobile security experiences to their user bases. One of the advantages IdentityX boasts is its highly adaptable future-proof nature, which allows Daon customers to add biometric modalities to applications as they are needed (or, indeed, are invented).

“Digital banking is important to our customers and we wanted to make it convenient and simple for them to conduct their banking transactions with our new mobile banking app,” says Gulf Bank CEO César González-Bueno. “By working with Daon, we were able to leverage cutting-edge technology with global best practices to provide our customers with an enhanced mobile banking experience.”

According to González-Bueno, digital banking customers can login with Touch ID and what he calls “‘Blinking to Bank’ facial recognition”—presumably named after a blinking liveness test performed for authentication purposes.

Daon’s IdentityX platform is no stranger to mobile banking applications. Its deployment with the USAA banking app in the United States, which allows for face, voice or fingerprint login too, has long been a use case of note for biometric software used successfully in mobile consumer banking. With the Gulf Bank Kuwait deployment, Daon will likely have another example of how its multimodal biometric technology can enable a better, more secure mobile banking experience.

“We are seeing tremendous opportunity for banks to leverage the power of biometrics to improve their customer experience,” says Daon CEO Tom Grissen. “Convenient and secure authentication has become critical in today’s digital economy and we are very happy supporting Gulf Bank Kuwait on their journey to a mobile first, customer first strategy.”

Earlier this year, Daon participated in our Mobile Biometrics Month webinar. To learn more about mobile biometrics, watch the webcast recording.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)