Daon Powers MasterCard Identity Check Biometrics

Daon has teamed up with MasterCard to help work on the latter’s ‘Selfie Pay’ mobile payment app.

Daon Powers MasterCard Identity Check Biometrics

We had a chance to try out MasterCard Identity Check at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Officially called MasterCard Identity Check, the app is designed to leverage smartphones’ mobile cameras to enable facial recognition-based authentication, and throws in an aspect of liveness detection for added security. The concept was showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and as MasterCard proceeds in developing this solution for a mass market rollout this summer, Daon is offering a valuable assist in the form of its IdentityX authentication platform.

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The platform was implemented in USAA’s mobile app early last year, and the integration proved to be a great success. Since then, the platform has been upgraded, and in fact, according to Daon CEO Tom Grissen, it was “designed with an eye toward the future, allowing for easy integration of new biometric modalities as they become available and to provide enhanced security over a singular reliance on device fingerprint sensors”. As such it would seem a natural fit for MasterCard’s pioneering new platform.

Commenting in a statement announcing the partnership, MasterCard Identity Solutions EVP Bob Reany highlighted the enthusiasm over this technology. “Recent consumer trials showed the benefit of integrating Daon’s platform, as consumers overwhelmingly preferred biometric authentication over passwords because they are easy and safe to use,” he said.


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