Daon Technology Deemed Ideal For Credit Unions


Daon accepting the Best of Show Award: (left to right) Mike Atkins, CIO, Bellco CU and 2nd Vice Chair CUNA Technology Council; Guy Russo, CIO, Community America CU and vice chair, CUNA Technology Council; Jason Beloncik, Sr. Sales Engineer, Daon; Mike Groat, Sr. Sales Executive, Daon; Belinda Caillouet, COO & CIO, STCU, CUNA Technology Committee Chair ; Chris Saneda, SVP/CIO, Virginia CU and CUNA Technology Exec Committee Member.

Daon has received the Best in Show Award from the CUNA Technology Council for its IdentityX mobile authentication platform, which uses multiple factors – biometric and otherwise – to confirm user identity. The company was awarded during the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) earlier this month in Washington, DC.

The Best of Show Award is presented to the GAC exhibitor that the council deems most committed to delivering solutions that further product and service growth in the credit union industry. IdentityX, therefore is a perfect candidate for such praise. It uses fingerprint, face and speech biometrics, as well as location and device identity factors, to verify a user. Such technology helps reduce fraud in online transactions.

What’s more, IdentityX is both future-proof and backwards compatible – a distinguishing quality we’ve reported on before here at Mobile ID World. Credit unions using IdentityX can accommodate old model smartphones and mobile devices that haven’t even been announced yet.

“Every Credit Union CEO is worried about two things; 1) their member’s online user experience and, 2) security,” explains Tom Grissen, CEO of Daon. “Daon is proud to have been recognized by CUNA for bringing a solution to their members that addresses these concerns in an elegant and simple way.”

Congratulating Daon, Belinda Caillouet, CUNA Technology Council chair and chief operations and information officer at STCU said, “IdentityX is a phenomenal asset to the credit union industry. Using this technology, credit unions can make huge leaps forward in their member protection initiatives.”