Daon’s FIDO Quick Start Lets Clients See Strong Authentication in Action

Daon has set up a free trial program for organizations considering implementing its IdentityX biometric authentication solution.

Daon Offers 'FIDO Quick Start' Free Trial of Biometric PlatformIt’s a FIDO Quick Start initiative, giving interested parties access to an IdentityX FIDO UAF Server for free so that they can see FIDO authentication in action via Daon’s biometric platform. Participating organizations will get full access to the FIDO UAF Server, allowing them to configure it to their needs, and can test out biometric authentication based on fingerprint, voice, or facial recognition via a provided demo, or through a custom application built using Daon’s development documentation.

In a statement announcing the initiative, FIDO Alliance Executive Director Brett McDowell explained that “Daon is making it quick and affordable for these organizations to test and see how FIDO authentication improves both security and user experience.”

Daon is a FIDO Alliance board member, and its IdentityX platform received FIDO certification last year. The platform has seen acclaim for its deployment in USAA’s mobile app, and has even been integrated in MasterCard’s selfie-based Identity Check payment verification system. Having thus attained a high level of credibility, the platform should attract further attention through its FIDO Quick Start initiative, while also helping to draw attention to FIDO standards and specifications.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)