Dashlane Supports Samsung Fingerprint Sensors

Dashlane Supports Samsung Fingerprint SensorsOne-stop password management platform Dashlane is now compatible with Samsung fingerprint scanners, its makers have announced. Dashlane users can now access their secure cache of passwords and other sensitive information merely by scanning their fingers on any of Samsung’s contemporary flagship devices, including the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge.

It’s a major step forward in Dashlane’s embrace of biometric authentication, with the company behind the platform (also called Dashlane) having announced last month that it’s developing a similar authentication system to be compatible with Android M’s native fingerprint authentication capabilities. Dashlane already supports Touch ID authentication on Apple’s newer mobile devices, but this latest development could have a more significant impact, given that Samsung is the more prolific smartphone maker globally, having moved more units than its rival Apple.

Speaking in a press release, Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit explained that this is the product of “a strategic decision [made] after closing our B-Round 12 months ago to put as many resources into product development as possible”.

That is undoubtedly a shrewd decision given the increasing prominence of biometric authentication, but the decision to embrace only the one modality for authentication may still give some users pause. Even the iPhone 6’s fingerprint scanning system is vulnerable to spoofing, and given that Dashlane is meant to hold all of a given user’s sensitive information, relying on only this one modality might strike some users as insufficient compared with the possibilities of a multimodal system. Nevertheless, few would deny that biometric authentication is going to be key to any next-generation authentication system, and Dashlane is clearly moving in the right direction.