Delfigo Security Wins Patent for Visual-Biometric Identification Technology


The measurement of how a user interacts with a device, otherwise known as behavioral biometrics, is expected to become increasingly standard in fraud detection.

Venture-backed security software company Delfigo Security has been granted approval for a US patent on its unique “Visual Authentication And Authorization For Mobile Devices” technology. Designed for mobile devices, the company’s system employs simple graphics to prompt user interaction, and in the process uses biometric scanning to verify users’ identities.

“So many authentication methods stop after identifying the device – forget even looking at the actual user,” says Abby Porter, Delfigo’s VP of product management. “Delfigo believes in going beyond the device, to authenticate the true user through their behavior and what makes them unique.”

The company believes that identifying users based on the biometric measurements of their device interaction not only adds an important layer of security, but does so in a way that is user-friendly – a key aspect of their positioning.

“The data show users want safety and security, but convenience is of primary importance,” says Ralph A. Rodriguez, Delfigo’s CEO. “Mobile users avoid the frustration of trying to type difficult and complex passwords on tiny smartphone keyboards or wasting time waiting for an SMS or Push message.”

The company is betting that this sort of security measure will integrate seamlessly into the desired user experience of simplicity and ease-of-use.