Dell Opens IoT Lab in Ireland

Dell has taken another step inDell Opens IoT Lab in Irelandto the rapidly expanding Internet of Things market, opening a new IoT lab in Limerick, Ireland. The development follows the company’s first IoT lab established in collaboration with Intel in the US last fall.

The computer company is getting into the IoT ring at an exciting time. Other major organizations such as IBM are starting to pour investment into R&D in an effort to get ahead of the IoT boom, and even national governments are lending major financial support to their local branches of the nascent industry. Meanwhile, companies like Samsung are already announcing the development of IoT architecture platforms to encourage third parties to develop devices and apps for the IoT – using their own brand of building blocks, of course.

To that end, Dell has announced Gateways, a platform providing “a flexible and scalable foundation for IoT development”. The platform will consist of smart devices that can analyze information passing through a given network, and apparently it’s already helping partner companies like KMC Controls to develop smart building systems – another potentially lucrative sector of the manifold Internet of Things. Dell appears to have taken off at a running start.

Source: Irish Examiner