Demand For IDaaS Solutions Driven By Enterprise Cloud Computing

The enterprise sector’s growing use of cloud computing is driving demand for Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solutions, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision unit.

Enterprise Cloud Computing Driving Demand for IDaaS: Report

The firm’s new report, Technologies Empowering Future of Identity Management, argues that identity and access management (IAM) challenges “are more business-centric than technology-centric,” as it puts it in a summary. While technological solutions for IAM are proliferating, administrative issues sometimes prevent businesses from integrating them quickly. As TechVision Industry Analyst Swapnadeep Nayak puts it, “The shifting of enterprise solutions to the cloud has created a complex architecture that requires more advanced IAM solutions than the ones currently offered by traditional identity management vendors.”

That’s where IDaaS models offer strong solutions, allowing organizations to more easily enable secure access to cloud-based tools. At the same time, “[b]iometric authentication is a key area that is experiencing significant technology development,” Nayak says, “especially with regard to accuracy levels of validation and flexibility of usage.” Nayak adds that machine learning and neural networks are also helping to make analytics solutions more useful.

It’s good news for companies specializing in IDaaS, and may be a hint to other biometrics specialist looking for ways to refine their technologies to better target the enterprise sector.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)