Short Demo Shows Off Safran’s Selfie-Based Mobile Connect Solution

This week’s Mobile Connect Summit is about to get underway, and Safran Identity & Security is gearing up to promote its selfie-based solution. In anticipation of the event, the company has posted a short video from this February’s Mobile World Congress, where the company was able to demonstrate its solution to attendees in person.

Short Demo Shows Off Safran's Selfie-Based Mobile Connect SolutionThe video shows a representative capturing her own passport information onto a Know-Your-Customer app on her smartphone, using the device’s camera to scan her biographic data and its NFC technology to glean information from her passport’s embedded chip. She then takes a selfie and scans her fingerprint using her smartphone, linking her facial and fingerprint biometric data to her KYC profile. From there, she’s able to use her new Mobile Connect profile to connect to an online banking system simply by typing in her phone number and then authenticating via an SMS prompt and taking another selfie.

The demo shows off the high security and ease-of-use of the selfie-based Mobile Connect solution, with the whole process taking place in about a minute. If Safran is planning for such a demonstration to be part of the strong showing planned for this week’s Mobile Connect Summit, it should help to further raise the FIDO certified solution‘s profile.