DERMALOG Showcases Range of Biometric Tech at CeBIT

Fingerprint BiometricsGermany-based biometrics developer DERMALOG is showing off its wares at the CeBIT conference on IT and digital business. The company is keen to show off its newest product, a fully-automated biometric eGate, but it also displaying some other notable technological offerings.

DERMALOG’s BiometricGate is the company’s latest product. The system uses 3D facial recognition technology via a “cutting-edge camera” (according to a press release), and designed to allow only one person to pass through at a time.

The company is also showing off its LF1 fingerprint scanner, which the company says is the smallest in the world, at a size of 29.4 mm x 43.4 mm x 14 mm, and weighing only 19 grams. With such a small size, DERMALOG is keen to highlight the device’s versatility, suggesting its use “in numerous stationary and mobile applications with physical and logical access, point-of-sale terminals or vending machines as well as printers, mobile devices, safes or even door locks”. Given the apparent need for biometric security in the burgeoning array of devices comprising the Internet of Things, the LF1 could find a number of applications in that domain.

Finally, the company will be showcasing its FingerBanking system, a multimodal platform utilizing fingerprint and facial recognition, and aimed primarily at banks for implementation both into their internal IT infrastructure and their interfaces with customers, such as ATMs. Again, given banks’ increasing interest in biometric authentication, this could prove to be a good fit with the trend.