Diamond Fortress Releases Overhauled Fingerprint-Scanning Software

Mobile Fingerprint BiometricsBiometrics developer Diamond Fortress Technologies (DFT) has unveiled the newest iteration of its ONYX software. ONYX 4 boasts of numerous technical improvements and an overhauled user interface.
The multi-platform software facilitates the use of fingerprint scanning even on mobile devices that don’t have the biometric technology built in. It works like this: The phone’s rear-facing camera is used to scan the user’s fingerprint and convert that into a mathematical formula; that formula is then used to match future scans of the fingerprint. The versatility of this system has made it quite ubiquitous; according to DFT, “ONYX is currently in use on more models of devices than any other mobile biometric solution.”
As accessible as the platform is, the company will face a challenging market as more and more smartphone makers follow Apple’s lead in including embedded biometric fingerprint scanners in their devices. DFT may soon find itself navigating a niche market of non-biometric phones, but with its focus on UI and technical prowess, it should be well-positioned against its competition in that case.