Diamond Fortress Technology Introduces Contactless Fingerprint Biometric SDK

Fingerprint biometrics are no longer a feature exclusive to the most recent flagship model smartphones now that Diamond Fortress Technologies has introduced its software development kit that can transform a mobile device’s rear-facing camera into a contactless fingerprint scanner.

Called ONYX HD3, the SDK supports  iOS and Android devices with rear facing cameras and it works like this: The smartphone takes a picture of the user’s fingerprint through an auto-capture feature that frames and snaps the picture of a submitted print. Then, using proprietary algorithms,  the print is identified and matched.

This is the same kind of idea that has been providing a mobile home for face and Eyeprint biometrics. By providing a multi-platform software based solution, adoption in business environments makes much more sense. By going the SDK route for mobile biometrics, the cost of implementation doesn’t need to include the latest smartphone models.

Following this philosophy, ONYX HD3 is designed specifically for the for enterprise, where biometrics can aid in providing the level of authentication required for a robust BYOD policy.

Diamond Fortress Technologies CEO, Chace Hatcher, expands on this: “We give businesses greater flexibility in safely delivering their data, products, and services, while providing their employees and customers with a game-changing combination of increased security and convenience.”

A free 60 day trial of the biometric software solution is available through Diamond Fortress’ official website. The company advertises that full integration of the enterprise solution can be completed in less than two weeks.