Money20/20 Europe: Diebold Presents Its Irving Mobile-Based ATM

Diebold is showing off its mobile-based ATM concept at this week’s Money20/20 Europe conference.

Money20/20 Europe: Diebold Showcasing Irving Mobile-Based ATM Called Irving, the concept was first unveiled at last year’s Money20/20 in Las Vegas. It eschews the standard ATM interface of a PIN pad and card reader, opting instead for interaction via a mobile app on the user’s smartphone. And to authenticate users, the system can employ QR codes, NFC technology, and iris recognition via technology developed by EyeLock.

As such, it offers a number of advantages. Biometric authentication, for example, is widely considered to be a more secure means of identifying customers; and without the need for the usual clunky terminal interface, it’s much smaller than standard ATMs.

In addition to Irving, Diebold is also showcasing touchscreen PIN encryption technology developed by CryptoTouch, which Diebold acquired in 2014. While this stands in contrast to its ATM concept, which doesn’t have a screen that could employ such technology, it could play an important role in future ATMs employing mobile access, biometric authentication, and encrypted PINs for extra security. In any case, the company is clearly striving for more technologically sophisticated solutions to keep pace with the digital transformations sweeping the financial services industry.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)