Digital Insight to Bring EyeVerify Tech to Financial Sector

Eye_iris-620x350Digital Insight, a provider of online and mobile solutions to the financial services industry (and an NCR company), has announced an agreement with biometrics developer EyeVerify that will bring its eye vein scanning technology to the banking industry. More specifically, EyeVerify’s EyePrint ID solution will be implemented in the mobile applications of Digital Insight’s clients.
The EyePrint ID system scans the eye and recognizes its pattern of blood vessels. With its implementation into Digital Insight’s mobile apps, the system will utilize mobile devices’ cameras to scan the eyes of its clients’ customers, thereby allowing for password-free authentication. Speaking in a press release, Digital Insight VP Lindsay Soergel praised the unique technology, noting, “EyeVerify is the only company to offer this highly secure approach to identity verification and we are thrilled to be the first in the U.S. to provide financial institutions this level of authentication.”
Indeed, the company’s unique approach to authentication has garnered some significant interest. Just last August, Wells Fargo picked EyeVerify as an inaugural participant in its new Startup Accelerator, a development that arose in the wake of a very successful round of investment for the company. Meanwhile, mobile banking is taking off, and increasingly relying on biometric security for customer authentication in apps from large financial institutions and more niche organizations alike. EyeVerify’s technology should prove a very good fit in this area and an asset to Digital Insight.